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Inputs, Select und Textarea

As part of the refactoring to improve the developer experience, we have restructured the input components and converted them into separate components according to the W3C-Aufteilung. In this way, the respective components only provide the properties that also have a function for the respective type. Properties that were previously maintained but had no function were removed from the programming.

Vergleich zum HTML-Tag <input>

If you look at the


, then all types of an input field are implemented with only one tag (component). This results in the fact that all properties (attributes/properties) are possible, but have no function depending on the type.

This implementation of the standard <input> tag leads to the fact that usually more properties are offered than actually fit functionally to the type of the input field. This can lead to misunderstandings during development.


The different types of input fields have been divided into the following KoliBri components:

  • KolInputCheckbox
  • KolInputColor
  • KolInputDate (ab v1.1.10)
  • KolInputEmail
  • KolInputFile
  • KolInputLocalDateTime (open, part of KolInputDate)
  • KolInputNumber
  • KolInputPassword
  • KolInputRadio (KolInputRadioGroup is replaced)
  • KolInputRange
  • KolInputText
  • KolSelect
  • KolTextarea